Idonthaveasister Care Instructions

Idonthaveasister jewels are crafted of the finest material and outstanding quality using traditional glass blowing techniques.

After being blown, each piece is tempered at high-temperature.
This process maintains the piece natural glow while making it stronger and resistant to everyday use.
It is recommended not to wear Idonthaveasister together with heavy accessories like metal watches or chains. It is recommended to take of jewellery during household chores or work-intensive activities.
Jewellery may not be placed atop each other in a box or drawer.

Wear them with love and they will last.

Glass is a wonderful durable material that don’t change over time. Small imperfections guarantee the originality of the blown process.


Repairs and exchanges

All glass jewellery is repairable.
If you take care while wearing and make sure to not drop on a hard surface, Idonthaveasister jewellery will last a very long time.
If there is breakage, please contact us and we will take care of the repair.
The cost of repair for small breaks is €20 for necklaces, 10€ for bracelets and rings.
Shipping charges to and from Idonthaveasister will be covered by the customer.